Python tutorial

Python Tutorial

This is a Python tutorial to gain a full understanding of python & help you become a good programmer. Learn all the below topics and practice problems given in the tutorial. Trust me following this you will become a good programmer in a couple of months. Let’s begin your journey towards a good programmer.

  • Python Introduction.
  • Python Get Started(Python Download).
  • Python Syntax, Python Comments.
  • Python Variables.
  • Python Data Types.
  • Python Numbers, Python Strings, Python Booleans.
  • Python Casting.
  • Python Operators.
  • Python Lists, Python Tuples, Python Arrays.
  • Python Sets, Python Dictionaries.
  • Python If…Else, Python For Loops, Python While Loops.
  • Python Functions, Python Lambda.
  • Python Classes/Objects, Python Inheritance.
  • Python Iterators.
  • Python Scope.
  • Python Modules, Python Dates, Python Math, Python JSON.
  • Python RegEx.
  • Python PIP.
  • Python Try…Except.
  • Python User Input.
  • Python String Formatting.

File Handling

  • Python File Handling.
  • Python Read Files, Python Write/Create Files.
  • Python Delete Files.

Python NumPy

  • NumPy Introduction.
  • NumPy Getting Started.
  • NumPy Creating Arrays, NumPy Array Indexing, NumPy Array Slicing.
  • NumPy Data Types.
  • NumPy Copy vs View.
  • NumPy Array Shape, NumPy Array Reshape.
  • NumPy Array Iterating.
  • NumPy Array Join, NumPy Array Split.
  • NumPy Array Search, NumPy Array Sort, NumPy Array Filter.
  • NumPy Random.
  • NumPy ufunc.

Python Matplotlib

  • Matplotlib Intro.
  • Matplotlib Get Started.
  • Matplotlib Pyplot, Matplotlib Plotting.
  • Matplotlib Markers.
  • Matplotlib Line, Matplotlib Subplots.
  • Matplotlib Scatter, Matplotlib Bars, Matplotlib Histograms, Matplotlib Pie Charts.

Python SciPy

  • SciPy Intro.
  • SciPy Getting Started.
  • SciPy Constants, SciPy Optimizers, SciPy Sparse Data.
  • SciPy Graphs, SciPy Spatial Data, SciPy Matlab Arrays.
  • SciPy Interpolation.
  • SciPy Significance Tests.

Machine Learning using Python

  • Getting Started.
  • Mean, Median, Mode, Standard Deviation.
  • Percentile.
  • Data Distribution, Normal Data Distribution.
  • Scatter Plot, Linear Regression.
  • Polynomial Regression, Multiple Regression.
  • ScaleTrain/TestDecision Tree.

Python MySQL

  • MySQL Get Started.
  • MySQL Create Database, MySQL Create Table.
  • MySQL Insert, MySQL Select.
  • MySQL Where, MySQL Order By.
  • MySQL Delete, MySQL Drop Table.
  • MySQL Update, MySQL Limit, MySQL Join.

Python MongoDB

  • MongoDB Get Started.
  • MongoDB Create Database, MongoDB Create Collection.
  • MongoDB Insert, MongoDB Find, MongoDB Query.
  • MongoDB Sort, MongoDB Delete, MongoDB Drop Collection
  • MongoDB Update, MongoDB Limit

Python Reference

  • Python Overview
  • Python Built-in Functions, Python String Methods, Python List Methods, Python Tuple Methods
  • Python Dictionary Methods, Python Set Methods
  • Python File Methods, Python Keywords, Python Exceptions
  • Python Glossary

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